Friday, January 11, 2013

Free two hour math class on January 19 in Vancouver - theme of the day will be to find out why we factor (UPDATE - Class cancelled)

Update: Unfortunately registration for the class was low and the organizers, with my blessing of course, have decided to cancel the class and plan to reschedule it in February or March, possibly during a weekday evening time-slot. We believe that perhaps the class would garner more interest once Trade School Vancouver has a dedicated group of followers. My apologies to the three people who had registered, I will do my best to make sure the class happens on a future date.

I’ll be teaching a two hour class through Trade School Vancouver on Saturday January 19 from 11:00am to 1:00pm at The Network Hub on 422 Richards Street, Vancouver.

The school is set up as a barter system, “pay for class with barter items and services, not money,” and for my class all you need to do is to tell me that you love math. So if you sign up, come up to me and tell me, “I Love Math!”, and I will teach you the reason why we factor and how factoring is relevant in our lives.

Topics covered will include; the Real Number Set, Prime Numbers, Functions, Graphs, Polynomials, Factoring, and Ratios, as well as basic topics requested by students.

In the next week or so I’ll be working on putting together the course material and once completed I’ll provide the information here as well. You can sign up at the Trade School Vancouver site. Bring some paper and a couple of pens, and I’ll do my best to show you the power of mathematics.

The following video explains what Trade School Vancouver is all about. Hope to see you there.