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Series IIIb Description: What's Contained in this Series

    This series is a continuation of Series IIIa.

    Series IIIa and IIIb give you the power to be able to factor and solve polynomials of any degree. Factoring techniques included in this series are: the Difference of Squares, Complex Trinomial Factoring (4-step method), Quadratic Formula including The Discriminant, and Synthetic Division.

    In addition to the above, we also do an in-depth discussion of The Division Statement, Polynomial Long Division, look at the graphical meaning of factoring polynomials, use Let Statements and Substitution to factor polynomial and non-polynomial functions, and discuss The Remainder and The Factor Theorems.

    Extras included in this series are a look at Why Math is Important and two tips on how to improve your study habits.

    Full list and links for all the videos contained in the series are provided below and are available at: Table of Contents: The Language of Mathematics - Series IIIb.

    See Videos Available for Download for information on the torrent for this series.

    For ease of reference, included below is the Table of Contents and the expanded image of the tree menu provided in the left column of this site. Specific topics can be found through the Index (left column).

Table of Contents

    Section 1: Introduction to Factoring Polynomials
    Section 2: Difference of Squares
    Section 3: Complex Trinomials: Factoring using the 4-Step Method
    Section 4: The Quadratic Formula and The Discriminant
    Section 5: The Let Statement, and Substitution (with Quadratic Formula)
    Section 6: Synthetic Division, Polynomial Long Division, and The Division Statement
    Section 7: The Remainder Theorem and The Factor Theorem
    Section 8: Why Math is Important
    Section 9: Study Tips

Image of Tree Menu

From Series IIIb Tree Menu - The Language of Mathematics

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